VERVE Child Interaction Therapy
The ‘time to talk’™ team are now offering a new package which enables practitioners to develop increased confidence in supporting specific children within their setting. “VERVE is a philosophy rather than a technique” (Keena Cummins 2013), which support the skills that lie at the foundation of language learning. The approach celebrates and builds upon the unique adult-child interaction that exists between the practitioner and the child. The use of video provides a means of analysis whereby the practitioner and therapist jointly identify what works for the child. Weekly video reflection allows practitioners to firstly witness the child’s skills as they emerge and secondly to recognise the skills that the practitioners are using to facilitate the children’s development.

This intensive training is designed for use with whole teams. Teams that take up this opportunity receive training within their own setting. The programme is led by the ‘time to talk’™ Speech and Language Therapists.

VERVE consists of:
 An initial whole team training meeting to explore the use of video practice & the practicalities of using video in the setting.
 4 weekly individual video reflection meetings at the setting for each the practitioners involved.
 A final whole team meeting to share learning & outcomes from the video analysis.

Click here to hear a presentation about VERVE in action – thank you to and Jane Oswell.

For further information or to request training, please contact your ‘time to talk’™ Speech & Language Therapist/s:

Louise Perry: e-mail

Alice Goode: e-mail