Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop
This workshop provides parents with knowledge and understanding of the importance of developing excellent early speech, language and communication skills in babies and young children. It explores the different aspects of speech, language and communication and gives them practical strategies to use to support their child’s development.

As a result of the workshop, parents will be able to:
 understand the importance of developing good early communication skills in babies and young children
 have some awareness of the stages that children go through in learning to communicate
 understand what the 5 aspects of speech, language and communication are
 have increased awareness of practical strategies to support their child’s speech, language and communication

The workshop lasts two hours and costs the setting £100. The setting is asked to provide a venue and refreshments and to invite parents and carers. 

To book a parent workshop for your setting, please e-mail your ‘time to talk’™ Speech and Language Therapist

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