Tier 3 training

‘time to talk’™ Tier 3 training
2 day training sessions
Attendance criteria: Must have completed Tier 2 training

Tier 3 training builds on and develops practitioner knowledge of speech, language and communication development through the use of a validated screening tool – the WellComm. An understanding of the observation and assessment tools available and when to use them will be provided. The training encourages and develops confident practitioners who are eager to engage parents and share information effectively with both parents and other professionals. Specific information will be provided to support practitioners in identifying children who require additional support including children who stammer. Practitioners will be supported in developing communication-friendly practice within their setting and also to cascade what they have been learning with others in their team.

As a result of this training, practitioners should:
 be able to confidently use the WellComm screening tool to identify a child’s language level and plan the next steps of support.
 be aware of the observation and assessment tools available to them and have an understanding of when to use each.
 be able to create a communication-friendly approach and know how to apply interaction strategies.
 be able to identify those in need of additional support.
 have an understanding of how to engage parents to support their child and know how to refer a child to the Speech and Language Therapy Service.
 understand the role of the Speech and Language Champion and the support available.

Tier 3 training consists of 2 days of training and practitioners must attend both days. Reflection activities will be provided between the training days.

£245 per delegate (without WellComm tool)*
£365 per delegate (with WellComm tool)

*only available to centres/settings that already have a WellComm tool.