Tier 1 training

‘time to talk’™ Tier 1

This training provides practitioners with an understanding of the importance of developing excellent early speech, language and communication skills in babies and young children. It explores the different aspects of speech, language and communication and gives practitioners strategies to support these effectively in their settings. Practitioners will consider observation and monitoring of the development of speech, language and communication and how to identify and plan for children who need additional support. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the practitioner and the environment in early speech and language development. Practitioners will receive a copy of the communication monitoring tool and a tool to evaluate their communication environment.
As a result of the training you will be able to:
 recognise and understand how the development of early speech, language and communication skills is dependent on the places children go
and the people they spend time with.
 understand the importance of developing good early communication skills in babies and young children.
 understand what the 5 aspects of speech language and communication are.
 have some awareness of how to support each aspect of speech language and communication.
 recognise the importance of observation and monitoring to inform the planning of speech and language support.
 feel more confident in planning the next steps for supporting children’s speech language and communication development.

Practitioners must attend both sessions and complete gap task activities in between.

This training consists of 2 x 2.5 hour sessions.

£75 per delegate

“A full day with varied teaching styles”

“Training delivered extremely well”

“I’d like all staff to attend – glad it was two sessions – great training – inspirational!”

“Enjoyed it – very informative – enjoyed videos – very good”

Settings can also buy in-house Tier 1 training for their whole staff team (up to 25 practitioners). Available by arrangement – Saturday or twilight sessions available. £650.