Would you like to know more about children’s communication?
Would you like practical training that helps you make a difference?
Would you like to show evidence of the impact that your support has?

‘time to talk’™ training equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills that they need. Sessions are interactive and engaging, making use of video, group activities and taught theory.

Tier 1 (2 half days, for all staff) is an introduction to communication and strategies to help

Tier 2 (2 whole days, for selected staff who have completed Tier 1) offers in-depth study of children’s communication development

Tier 3 (2 whole days, for selected staff who have completed Tier 2) offers preparation for running targeted language enrichment groups, and WellComm screening

chatter matters’™ (1 half day, for all staff) enables practitioners to offer language enrichment sessions for babies, toddlers and young children based around singing, storytelling and play

VERVE (a whole setting approach) enables practitioners to develop increased confidence in supporting specific children within their setting through video interaction

Parent Workshop (for parents, led by ‘time to talk’™ Speech and Language Therapists with Champions) provides parents with knowledge and understanding of the importance of developing excellent early speech, language and communication skills in babies and young children and gives them practical strategies to use to support their child’s development

Download our training flyer here. Training Leaflet 2018