About our Champions

In November 2013, we collected comments from the managers of the Children’s Centres and EY settings that we work with about the work of their Champions.

“Our Champion is very motivated to start making a difference to children with speech delay and promotes speech and language activities across all Early Years groups at the centre”

“Our Champion worked really hard to start sessions for children and families in our reach area from scratch and has done an amazing job!”

“We are now able to offer a range of services and activities to ensure that children get the right input at the right time. Our families think our Champion is fab – and so do we!”

“Our Champion has changed  ‘Circle Time’ with activities based on ‘time to talk’™ strategies… children are communicating enthusiastically – they LOVE it!”

“Our Champion has learnt so much in her cluster meetings and then come back and inspired the rest of the staff – communication is always at the top of our agenda!”

“She has embraced this role and is making such an impact on the children within our setting.”

“Our Champion has made a great commitment to the nursery and our children by keeping us on task with the ‘time to talk’™!”

“She is wonderful… always trying to think of new ways to promote the importance of speech and language in our Children’s Centre; including testing the team’s knowledge through gruelling quizzes!”

“Our Champion is organised and focused about each step… I am extremely grateful to her for all her hard work.”

“Our Champion works hard by observing the child, monitoring progress and seeing positive changes in the child week by week, talking to parents… giving practical ideas for in the home and out and about and lots of reassurance, guidance, advice and signposting.”

“She is committed, will go the extra mile! She is ‘hands on’ and is very approachable.”

“Our Champion is simply outstanding!!!!”

“She ‘bounces’ with excitement when planning or carrying out activities for ‘time to talk’™!”

“Our Champion has grown in confidence both with her own practice and in supporting other members of the team.”

“We are seeing the results in the children’s language and understanding.  I am so glad she is our Champion.”

“She’s new to it but has taken the role on with ‘gusto’!!!”

“We have excellent Champions and they lead from the front in an extremely difficult environment.”

“We are so pleased with that they have achieved so far.”

“Our Champion always makes parents and children welcome; she is passionate about making a difference; enthusiastic and creative; committed to promoting a language-rich environment and always makes time to support staff with strategies and play activities.”

“Our Champions are like special keys that have unlocked potential for children and opening their worlds to new words.”

“Our Champion is hard working, enthusiastic and has helped the Nursery, staff, parents and children strive forwards with communication, developing the environment and being a support to parents and practitioners. As a new Manager, her support and knowledge is a great benefit to us all and I am very grateful for all her continuous hard work with ‘time to talk’™. 🙂 🙂

“Our champion tirelessly promotes the ‘time to talk’™ project, engaging with colleagues and families, to ensure children are encouraged to develop their communication skills and are exposed to a language rich environment.”

“Our Champions are very enthusiastic about the ‘time to talk’™ work and are great with the WellComm.”

“She is very motivated to start making a difference to children with speech delay and promotes speech and language activities across all Early Years groups at the centre.”

“Our Champion is a wonderful contribution to our nursery. It has been reassuring that any potential issues have been highlighted and acted upon, as well as knowing that we as staff are making such a fabulous contribution to the development and well-being of the children.”

“Thank you for training and encouraging staff to give more support to our little talkers. Your communication board is fab; we do appreciate all the hard work you put in!”

“Well done to everyone at ‘time to talk’™ – keep up the good work!!!”