‘time to talk’™ design and supply bespoke resources to help Champions to support children’s speech, language and communication skills in their communities. All of our pictures are by Claire Henley. There are posters…

Did you know being face to face helps me talk Did you know talking about everyday things helps me talk Did you know talking together is the main ingredient Did you know you're the best toy in the box Dummies hide smiles - and make it hard to talk I love it when you talk to me Talking is the main ingredient - simple conversations help children learn to talk We don't talk any more - don't forget to talk as you walk pyramid poster


‘dummies leaflet’ – click here for web version – contact us to order paper copies

Dummy front page image

‘ages and stages’ leaflets (by age)…

and stickers.


We use our facebook page to keep in touch with Champions and the wider community, and we provide Champions with themed ‘Parent Communication Boards’ for EY Settings and Children’s Centres. Champions, please contact us if you need the password.

And now available to buy… the very first ‘time to talk’™ book! ‘the abc of talking with me’ is a book of strategies that adults can use with children to support their early communication development. Each strategy is beautifully illustrated by Claire Henley, with accompanying easy-read text told from the child’s point of view, ideal for parents and practitioners.

Book Cover

There is also an A2 poster of the strategies from the book, ideal for Children’s Centres and Early Years Setting notice boards, waiting areas and even for home!