Home Learning Environment

We are working with the County to develop materials to support the home learning environment. We have worked with practitioners to find out what resources would be most helpful. Look out for information and resources coming here soon.

  • There will be some resources to support your environments.
  • There will be some activity ideas for practitioners to make available for families.
  • There will be a new page of links to online content and some new video resources created in Warwickshire.
  • There will also be some training for selected settings.

Watch this space!

Bear with me - Share with me

Here are the first few home learning ideas. More to come soon:


There are lots of other fabulous resources that you can access online.

It’s never too early to start a conversation. Look at this beautiful clip of a dad and a baby having a chat. Watch how connected they are – they are completely tuned in to each other. This is laying really strong foundations for the baby’s emotions.

Everyday routines are a great time to chat. Click here to see a lovely video about a face to face chat during a nappy change. Even a chore like doing the washing up can be a time to hear lots of words.