chatter matters™ week 2014

Every year, ‘time to talk’ run chatter matters™ week to celebrate children’s speech, language and communication in the wider community.

In March 2014 we took the newly signposted ‘chatter matters™’ party bus around the county for families and settings to visit for playing, singing, sliding and to find out more about speech, language and communication. We welcomed lots of families, shared lots of stories, sang lots of songs and blew lots of bubbles.

3.3.14 AW & Bus! (1)
Alex showing off the new sign!
3.3.14 Clopton
The bus getting stuck on the way into Clopton!
3.3.14 Wellesbourne
4.3.14 DP, MP, LP (1)
Deborah, Mel and Louise
5.3.14 Asda Nuneaton (1)
Asda in Nuneaton
5.3.14 Kingsbury CC (3)
Kingsbury Children’s Centre
6.3.14 Rugby Library (5)
Rugby Library
6.3.14 Rugby Library (18)
The BookStart Bear and Mel at Rugby Library
7.3.14 Rainbow CC (1)
One of our Champions, Hayley, in the all-important ‘catch’ position at the bottom of the slide!
7.3.14 Rainbow CC (8)
Setting up at Rainbow Children’s Centre
chatter matters™ Week Balloon
‘chatter matters’™ balloon – one of many hundreds given out!