‘chatter matters’™ week 2016

‘chatter matters’™ week took place in March 2016. Here is our press release:

'chatter matters' week press release 2016‘chatter matters’ week press release 2016

This was a printable thank you card for children to add to and give to their families. Practitioners were able to simply print and fold for children to add their own message, drawing, photograph or handprint to the inside.

Click here to download and print: Thank you card printable

Here are some of the activity ideas for language enrichment sessions that our newly recruited Speech and Language Champions thought of that week!

Nature ideas from Tier 3 March 2016

We gave out these flyers:

We created a mini-PowerPoint for ‘chatter matters’™ week 2016:

chatter matters week mini PowerPoint 2016

And here are the slides:


The poster looked like this:


Here is an example of a setting’s plan for ‘chatter matters’™ week:


Here were some more muddy ideas for Monday!


Ideas from our speech and language champions for Tuesday!


There was wet weather and wellies on Wednesday!


We said ‘thank you’ on Thursday –  see printable card above.


Friday  gave us so many choices!


When you play this pyramid in PowerPoint, the labels appear one by one and there is a description in the blurb below the slide that you might want to use to explain it.Slide9

Who can resist those squirrels?!


We hope that you had fun, and enjoyed seeing that ‘chatter matters’™ is in our nature.