Dummies can be useful in a baby’s early months for soothing. But using a dummy after a baby’s first birthday* is not a good idea.

Here is why: 


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Are you ready to help your child give up the dummy?


The earlier you do it, the easier it is and the better it is for your child.


General tips for giving up the dummy

  • Agree on a plan between all the people who look after your child.
  • If you are gradually reducing dummy use, keep only one dummy, and keep it in a place out of your child’s reach.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time that it takes to give your child the dummy.
  • Try to wean your child off before any younger children are born as it can be difficult for a toddler to understand why the baby is allowed a dummy when they are not.
  • Give your child lots of praise. You don’t need to buy anything… your time and attention are the best rewards!
  • Don’t give up!


Here are some ideas for different ages…

6-12 months

dummies hide smiles…

… and make it hard to babble


1-2 years

early words take practice…

… my dummy can get in the way


2-3 years

I’ve got so much to say…

… my dummy just gets in the way


3 years +

I’m ready… are you?