‘chatter matters’ week 2019 – ‘bounce it back’

We celebrated ‘chatter matters’ week in 2019 year from 11th – 15th March. The theme was ‘chatter matters – bounce it back’ a slogan suggested by one of our speech and language champions!

The theme comes from the idea of ‘serve and return’ interactions. Communication passes between us, a bit like a ball bouncing back and forth. Here is some more explanation:

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This flyer was available to create displays and to give out to families.

‘chatter matters week’ 2019 flyer

We also celebrated ‘chatter matters’ week by making pom poms across Warwickshire!

chatter matters week crafters flyer - pom poms

The pom poms collected were stitched together to create a super-tactile rug. Each pom pom represented something about the community that made them. Some were made from the colours of the nursery uniform or logo. One was made to look like a squirrel complete with its own squashy, bouncing acorn. Others were made from different textures to represent diversity. Some represented ideologies e.g. using recycled wool to represent being eco-friendly. Some represented characteristics e.g. hair colour and others were made to look like flags to represent language spoken. One nursery spelled out their name across the shape of a pom pom caterpillar! Some were made by a knitting group and others by Girl Guide Rangers. One was made by a grandad who had never made anything from wool before. The rug also carries the message that serve and return interactions happen best when we get down to the children’s level. Lots of chatter that matterd took place during the making of these pom poms. Thank you to everybody that took part.

When we took the rug around to show it to children, they showed interest in touching the pom poms. They noticed how they could poke their fingers between each one and some children wanted to lie on it. Some children took off their shoes and socks so that they could touch it with their feet. A sensory experience!!

Here are some activity ideas from champions to develop communication using to and fro ‘bounce it back’ interactions.