‘chatter matters’ week 2019 – ‘bounce it back’

We are celebrating ‘chatter matters’ week this year from 11th – 15th March. The theme is ‘chatter matters – bounce it back’ a slogan suggested by one of our speech and language champions!

The theme comes from the idea of ‘serve and return’ interactions. Communication passes between us, a bit like a ball bouncing back and forth. Here is some more explanation:

Press Release Image

This flyer is available to create displays and to give out to families and you can download a pdf here which also include a blank version to add activities that your setting will be doing to celebrate.

‘chatter matters week’ 2019 flyer

We are also celebrating ‘chatter matters’ week by making pom poms across Warwickshire! If you would like to create a pom pom for our collective craft, here is the poster to explain what to do. Send your finished pom poms to Deborah Powers at Crown Way Clinic by 15th March 2019.

chatter matters week crafters flyer - pom poms

If you’d like to download some ‘chatter matters’ bunting to decorate your setting, click here (the first set is more printer-friendly!):



Here are some activity ideas from champions to develop communication using to and fro ‘bounce it back’ interactions.