‘chatter matters’™ week 7th-11th March

Slide10‘chatter matters’™ week 2016 begins on Monday 7th March and this week our theme is ‘chatter matters’™ – it’s in our nature. We are encouraging all the ‘time to talk’™ settings across the county to take part and we have provided ideas and resources about nature for Speech and Language Champions to use. There is now a printable thank you card on our ‘chatter matters’™ week page as well as lots more ideas for songs, stories and activities to celebrate children’s communication skills. Click here: ‘chatter matters’™ week 2016

We will be touring the county with the ‘chatter matters’™ bus. If you are planning to bring a group of children, please do let one of us know so that we know to expect you. There will be information for families available on the bus as well as a chance for children to play. We look forward to hearing all about your ‘chatter matters’™ week celebrations and we’d love to see pictures of all of your fantastic ideas whether it’s a welly walk, decorating a communication tree or simply singing a song. Happy ‘chatter matters’™ week!

Bus Route 2016 final - extra date Sydenham

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