Competition Time!

We are launching a summer competition – with a prize – for Champions to design a new Parent Communication Board. There are several parent boards available on our website (in the ‘resources to download/print‘ section) along the themes ‘making the most of mealtimes’, ‘the best of getting dressed’, ‘at the park’ etc, but we would like some more so this is your chance to get creative. You know the format… a top tip, maybe a quiz, something interactive if you can, and some practical strategies. You can choose the theme.

Here’s the small print. There are a few rules…
1. If you use google images to add pictures, you must make sure that you use the‘advanced search’ function and click in the ‘usage rights’  box: ‘free to use, share or modify, even for commercial use’ otherwise we are not allowed to distribute them.
2. All mentions of ‘time to talk’ must be lower case, bold type (we like Century Gothic font!!).
3. If you include any pictures of children you must make sure that you have the appropriate consent for the images to be shared and you must submit signed consent forms with your entry (see website for consent form to download).
4. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher to make your posters, or any other programme that can save files as pdf documents.
5. All entries must be sent to us by 31st August 2015. E-mail to: deborah.powers@swft.nhs.uk
6. The winners will be announced in September 2015. Good luck!!

Any queries, please do let us know. We look forward to seeing all your ideas!

There are still some summer cluster meetings available if you haven’t made it to one yet. Cluster meetings are a huge part of the success of ‘time to talk’ so please do find a date that you can attend. They are compulsory for anyone to achieve or maintain their ‘enhanced‘ certificates. Dates on the website. Please remember to include the course code when you make your booking with Warwickshire County Council.

***save the date – the ‘time to talk’ conference will be taking place on Wednesday 10th February 2016 at Bulkington Village Centre – more details to follow soon***

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